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What's My Occupation?

Directions:  Click on the description that you think goes with the job.

1.   Apothecary              a.  doctor                  b. made dresses

2.   Blacksmith               a.  made saddles        b. made things from iron

3.  Chandler                   a.  made chandeliers   b. made candles

4.  Coachmaker             a.  made cabinets          b. made wagons

5.  Cooper                     a.  made barrels            b.  made candles

6.  Cutler                       a.  dressmaker               b.  made knives and scissors

7.  Mantuamaker            a.  teacher                     b.  dressmaker

8.  Saddler                     a.  made saddles            b.  provided meals

9.  Cabinetmaker            a.  made furniture           b.  made containers of wood

10.  Wheelwright            a.  made wheels             b.   shoed horses

*   Farrier                      a. shoed horses             b.  made hollow ware